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Many experts and professionals deem pocket gopher traps to be one of the more effective forms of gopher control and ways to get rid of gophers. Instrumental to the art of gopher trapping, however, is to first understand the biology and behavior of these creatures. Understanding gopher behavior helps property owners improve their efficiency in using gopher traps. You become enabled to more accurately develop strategies on how to trap gophers.

Gophers unlike yard moles do not leave behind visible surface tunnels. However, gophers too create vast networks of underground tunnels and often their feeding tunnels lay only about five inches below the ground. Should you not understand the difference between mole and gopher mounds. As gophers often use networks of feeding tunnels as tools for acquiring food, the burrowing herbivores are often compelled to keep such tunnels open.

To be effective, the trap must be set to catch the gopher underground. The goal is to trap (kill) the gopher when it travels through or attempts to plug one of its tunnels. As the gopher maneuvers through its’ gopher tunnel, the idea is to have it trigger the trap by having it press against the trigger pan. In triggering the pan, the gopher trap is released and the gopher is skewered or crushed by the trap. A frequently asked question is why would gophers attempt to plug tunnels that appear to be tampered with or open? The short answer to this question is because pocket gophers are not fond of light in their tunneling systems.

Gopher, Moles, Rats & Voles

GOPHER TRAPPING SERVICES IN Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties

Why Gopher Traps are Effective?

When we do the initial service we aim to remove the whole gopher population on the site at once. Please contact us and we will provide a free inspection.

How does trapping/removing Gophers work?

You would simple give us a call or an email and one of our technicians will come out to the site and give you a free quote for the service.

Most Efficent Method

Experience in gopher control is critical when the trapping method is used. It also offers a Eco-Friendly option just like our Eco-Friendly Pest Control

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Gopher removal works in a variety of ways. The first method is using a trapping mechanism to actively trap and remove the dead gophers. The other methods involve the elimination of the gopher on site inside its tunnel system