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An infestation of these furry little animals can cause serious damage, a lot
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If you notice a mound in your yard, take action. We Eliminate: Gophers – Moles – Voles – Ground Squirrels - Rats

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If you have gophers, don't wait until your garden or plants are already damaged.

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We provide our trapping services throughout Northern California, but concentrate on San Mateo County

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We can help keep gophers out of your lawn and garden.

Organinc Gopher Control in San Mateo

Gophers are considered a nuisance because of the damage they cause to your lawn and garden. They are good burrowers and they love eating the plants in your garden. Their mounds also destroy your grassy landscape and can end up costing you a lot of money. The first sign of a gopher problem is when their tell-tale mounds pop up all over your lawn.

To save yourself a lot of time and effort, not to mention the money involved in replacing plants that have been damaged or eaten by them, it is advisable to attend to the problem the moment you are aware of it. Gophers are notoriously difficult to get rid of and usually expert advice is needed for the job. The best method is trapping because is safe for your pets, kids & the environment.

Getting rid of these creatures is a very tricky business, and one not to be attempted by the faint hearted. Getting the services of a qualified best control specialist is usually the best way. Contact Avalos Gopher Trapping for help getting rid of those pesky gophers!

We are Professional Trappers

We offer quality service backed by over 14 years in wildlife damage management. We will not sell you anything that we don't think you need and always guarantee satisfaction. We are a local family business Redwood City, California but service the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Every job is different because so much depends on location, type of animal, amount of damage, and based on the information we use different techniques to remove moles, voles, and gophers. There is no magic product or spray for removing moles, gophers, and voles it takes work and we enjoy doing the work for you!


Moles, Voles, Rats & Gopher

Bay area Mole Control & Gopher Removal

We remove moles, voles, Rats and gophers from your yard and garden throughout all of Bay area. Moles and Gophers can leave piles of dirt ruining your yard. Gophers can destroy gardens by eating the plants and vegetables. Voles will dig little holes all over your yard and making large tunnel systems underground.


Avalos Gopher Trapping

Professional bay area Mole, Vole, Rats, Gopher Control Maintenance Services

Mole & Gopher Trapping Services
NO poison - ONLY Traps

Most pest control companies don't offer mole and gopher services. We are the "Mole and Gopher Specialists."

We provide routine service and maintenance to ensure your problem is controlled. We aren't city slickers. We show up in a professional manner and handle each problem as if it were our own.

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